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Temporary Cement Clear NE Automix Syringe 5ml - MARK3

Temporary Cement Clear NE Automix Syringe 5ml - MARK3

MARK3 Clear Temporary Cement is a temporary luting cement based on zinc oxide. It is eugenol-free and is used for trial cementing restorations or the cementation of temporary crowns and bridges. This product is an ideal choice for esthetic dentistry practitioners. Its automix delivery system allows convenient and direct application under the prosthesis. This organic acid-based cement with its most satisfactory adhesion and residue-free removal from the tooth abutment serves as a must to have.

Contains: (1) 5ml syringe & 10 mixing tips.

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Manufacturer: MARK3

SKU: 100-4126

Indications of Use

MARK3 Temporary Cement NE formulation is a non-eugenol product that can be used for 

  • Crown and bridge temporary cementation 
  • Trial cementations of permanent restorations

FEATURES & BENEFITS of Temporary Cement NE – MARK3

  • It provides an outstanding fit but can be easily removed when needed.
  • It employs a convenient and direct application with the help of Automix syringes.
  •  Form an optimal bond with no residue on the tooth stump when removed (residue stays in the crown)
  •  Perfect for people with eugenol allergies or sensitivity.
  •  Based on ZnO/organic acids (Zinc Oxide Cement)


  • Trade Name: Temporary Cement Clear
  • Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  • Category: Cements and Liners
  • Product Type: Zinc Oxide Non-Eugenol 
  • Dispensing: Automix Syringe
  • Color: Clear
  • Packaging: 1 x 5ml (8.6 gms) syringe and 10 mixing tips