COE-PAK Hard & Fast - GC America

COE-PAK Hard & Fast - GC America

SKU : 250-135301

COE-PAK Hard & Fast - GC America is a surgical dressing designed to provide protection to the surgical sites. Eugenol-free and can be used as a periodontal pack. COE-PAK is formulated to promote cleanliness and healing. Its plasticity and cohesiveness allows ropes of any length or thickness to be shaped for maximum versatility.

Contains: One base (90 g) and 1 catalyst (90 g).

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: 250-135301

Coe Pak Hard & Fast - GC America

Coe-Pak™ is a two-component, noneugenol material for wound dressing, covering stitches and stabilizing loose teeth. It is a noneugenol surgical dressing and periodontal pack that has no burning sensation, no unpleasant taste, no disagreeable order, and offers proven protection to surgical sites. Promotes cleanliness and healing. Plastic and cohesive; ropes of any length or thickness can be formed. Smooth texture allows COE-PAK to adapt closely to teeth and tissue to protect the wound. Sets with resilient, non-brittle hardness

Features and Benefits

  • Resilient and hard material which resists fracture or breakage
  • Does not have sharp edges and is safe for patients
  • Eugenol free formula
  • Mixes into a smooth cohesive mix quickly
  • Adaptable into desired shapes intraorally
  • Produces very little waste
  • Ready for use in 3 minutes
  • Does not stick to gloves
  • Long lasting and reliable material 
  • Two Year shelf-life


  • Product name: COE-PAK Hard & Fast
  • Manufacturer: GC – America
  • Curing type: Self-cure
  • Category: Surgical Products
  • Contains: One base (90 g) and 1 catalyst (90 g).