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Coe Pak Hard & Fast - GC America

Coe Pak Hard & Fast - GC America

Coe Pack Hard & Fast - GC America at Nobel Dental Supplies, is a surgical dressing that is established to provide protection to the surgical sites. It is eugenol-free and can be used as a periodontal pack. The product is formulated to encourage cleanliness and healing. Its plasticity and cohesiveness allows ropes of any length or thickness to be shaped.

Coe Pak by GC America has a smooth texture, which promotes close adaptation to the oral hard and soft tissue for wound protection. Its setting time is 10 minutes and after setting, the product is resilient and hard.

The Base paste and Catalyst contain 90 grams each.

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: 250-135301

What can you expect from Coe Pak Hard & Fast by GC America? 

  • The quick-set product offers the following added benefits.
  • Does not cause burning sensation in the mouth
  • Does not have an unpleasant taste
  • No displeasing odor
  • Possesses non-brittle hardness.
  • Ready for use within 1 minute
  • Non-eugenol Surgical Dressing and Periodontal Pack
  • Allows easy cleaning and healing
  • It is plastic and cohesive
  • Smooth texture allowing close adaptation to teeth and tissue for wound protection


  • Brand name: Coe Pak
  • Manufacturer: GC – America
  • Curing type: Self-cure
  • Category: Surgical Products
  • Products: Base and Catalyst Paste
  • Weight: 90 grams each tube
  • Setting type: Fast-set
  • Setting time:10 minutes