Comparing MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material by Cargus International to Luxatemp Automix Plus by DMG

Comparing MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material by Cargus International to Luxatemp Automix Plus by DMG

Crown & Bridge Material is a product dentists use on a daily basis, it is a staple of many general practice dentists and something most dentists pay very close attention to. The quality of the crown & bridge material that they use is an important factor. Crown & Bridge Material is not cheap. Safco Dental is currently selling one 76gm cartridge of Luxatemp Plus for $224.75. Pricing for a very popular Crown & Bridge Material like Luxatemp Plus can vary. A quick search online and you will find prices from $174.95 - $224.75. There are however alternatives and the savings are significant. MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material is currently selling on for $99.49. The MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material cartridge and the Luxatemp cartridge are the same size, yet there is almost a $100 difference in price. The pricing may lead you to believe that there is a big difference in quality but research into both products tells a different story. MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material was recently reviewed by dentists at the independent magazine Dental Product Shopper and received rave reviews from their staff. MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material got high marks in a variety of qualifications, including:






Strength and Durability


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Tiffany Lee even made a very interesting observation. “I always thought the gold standard was Luxatemp but MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material might unseat it as king. Furthermore Dr. Todd Sarubin had this to say, MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material is strong the margins hold up well and the color was extremely stable”. MARK3 Crown and Bridge received a 4.3 out of 5 and Dr. Marianne Baron had this to say, “MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material polished and finished easily and is one of the better products I’ve used. With savings of $100 or more per cartridge, dentists looking to save money without sacrificing any quality should try replacing their very expensive Luxatemp Plus by DMG to MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material. The MARK3 line was created to save dentists money, but it is not enough to just save dental practices money if the product they are trying to replace ends up creating more problems for the practitioner and the patient. Dentists need reliable high quality products that are not overpriced and perform up to the highest standards. MARK3 Crown & Bridge Material has been peer reviewed and can bring value to any dental practice that frequently uses Crown & Bridge Material.



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