Paste Pak Dispenser II - GC America

Paste Pak Dispenser II - GC America

SKU : 250-009293

GC America’s Paste Pak Dispenser II is indicated for dispensing material from GC’s Paste Pak cartridges right into the prepared teeth. The dispenser is stable and easy to use by people of all hand sizes. It can be disinfected using alcohol or sterilized in an autoclave. The autoclaving temperature and their respective duration should be followed as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: 250-009293


  1. Retract the piston into the dispenser by pushing the piston release button and pulling the sliding block (on the upper side of the dispenser) at the same time with fingers.
  2. Load the cartridge into the dispenser by aligning the mark on the cartridge with the mark on the dispenser then, rotate the cartridge fully to the right. Next, push the piston release completely forward.
  3. Remove the cartridge cover and gently press the lever to dispense the material.

Benefits of Paste Pak Dispenser II

  • Convenient to use
  • Light-weight product 
  • Easy to extrude the material 
  • Fits perfectly well, even in smaller hands
  • Autoclavable


  • Brand: Paste Pak Dispenser II
  • Manufacturer: GC America
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Autoclaving Temperature: 115-118°C (239-244°F) for 30 minute; 121-124°C (250-255°F) for 15 minutes; 126-132°C (259-270°F) for 10 minutes