Product Highlight: MARK3 VPS Impression Material

Product Highlight – Not all VPS Impression Materials are created equal.

VPS or Vinyl Polysiloxane is a hydrophilic material used for dental impressions. VPS enables dentists to make more accurate impressions that are resistant to tearing and distortion when they are removed. The advantage for dentists and patients is better fitting restorations. MARK3 VPS Impression Material is a highly rated, versatile product that gives great detail, sets up well and gives excellent impressions according to Dr. Brad Baker a dentist in Katy Texas.

MARK3 VPS is touted for the outstanding detail it provides and how easy it is to use. Directly from the Dental Product Shopper evaluation, 10 out of 12 dentists that reviewed MARK3 VPS Impression material said they would recommend it to their colleagues.


MARK3 VPS Impression Material is comparable to a few name brand products that many dentists will immediately recognize. Products like Genie and Blu-Mousse, Flexitime and Express VPS. They are all recognizable and they are all more expensive than MARK3 VPS Impression Material. These “name brand” products have similar properties to MARK3 VPS Impression Material and perform in a similar capacity. The biggest difference is in price and the disparity is shocking. Safco dental is selling Express VPS 4pk for $175.50.  ( You can currently purchase a 4pk of MARK3 VPS Impression material for $31.95. ( The price difference is significant, but the difference in performance is not.

The MARK3 brand was created so dealers could be more competitive and dentists could save money. Real world examples are easy to find. MARk3 VPS Impression Material is just the latest example of a product that can save dentists money without sacrificing any quality. The results in a dental practice setting will not change but dentists will save money and be able to reduce expenses. In today’s environment where the cost of living continues to increase, dentists need to be creative and look at all aspects of their expenses to get the most out of their margins. Reducing costs on supplies and specifically consumables like VPS Impression material is an easy way to start being more cost conscious and maximizing profit.

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